Renew Richmond

Renew Richmond, is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to help empower individuals from all walks of life to cultivate healthier lifestyles through the growth and production of food.

Founded in 2009, Renew Richmond is recognized as a growing not-for-profit organization providing research based programs where individuals learn basic life skills for propagation, preparation and consumption of healthful whole food, re-establish a connection between themselves and the environment in which they live, and gain beneficial working knowledge which gives them additional economic potential from increased employment or entrepreneurship.

Renew Richmond envisions a community in which all citizens, regardless of economic status, have access to fresh produce and the nutrition education required to sustain healthy and productive lifestyles. While Renew Richmond’s programs serve individuals of all socioeconomic backgrounds, the nonprofit’s primary focus is low-income populations with increased statistical risk for nutrition related health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and chronic obesity. With rising rates of heart disease, obesity and diabetes directly linked to industrially produced food products including packaged and fast foods, we believe that the best way to combat these preventable conditions it to engage children and their families in fun educational projects to develop enthusiasm about healthy, great tasting natural foods. It is the plan of Renew Richmond to provide fresh, healthy, locally grown fruits and vegetables to those individuals who have little to no access. Renew is confident that a holistic program focusing on the hands-on growth and consumption of nutrient dense food can repair the health and well-being of individuals.